We are a recycling service for private households, companies and shops

Our start-up company was founded in 2015.

We are committed to combating the bad conscience associated with incorrect recycling and to conserving the most important resources of our customers, namely time and energy .

Because everything can be collected and put on the doorstep and we also properly recycle every cork, coffee capsule and battery, each of us has done something good for the environment at the end of the day.


✅ You save energy: Never drive to recycling stations yourself again.

✅ You save time and effort: The time-consuming transport of recyclables is no longer necessary for you.

✅ You are doing something good for the environment: All recyclables that you give us are professionally disposed of and recycled with the highest possible efficiency.

✅ You benefit from a tidy home: Collect all recyclables in one sack.
Aluminum cans, glass bottles, etc. lying around loosely are now history.

Our partners

Tested by the Office for Environment and Energy✅

atelier93 in Pratteln

We have been working with the Atelier93 association since 2015 to collect your bags.

These are now taking on even more pickups. The cooperation works wonderfully and we are very grateful for the support from this foundation.

Citizens' Hospital in Basel

The collected recyclables have been sorted since September 1, 2020 in cooperation with the Bürgerspital.

These are people with physical disabilities, for whom we enable an employment perspective through the cooperation.

Anton Saxer in Pratteln

The recyclables are separated at the recycling center at Anton Saxer in Pratteln.

Since 2018, Anton Saxer has provided us with the infrastructure for separating recyclable materials. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the managing director, Mr. Saxer, and all his employees, and we look forward to working together in the coming years.

These companies already recycle with us

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