You can get our subscription Small from CHF 19.90. For more offers and corresponding prices, see " Offer and prices ".

Click here to see an overview of all recyclables.

Our standard bags have a volume of 35L . We also have 60L and 110L bags on offer, but these are only available to customers who buy our bins. You can do this order here.

Basically, you get to choose how many bags you want to put out for collection. Typically, it's around 3 bags with a capacity of 35 liters per collection per household. If you consistently exceed this average by a lot, we might suggest adjusting your subscription. But if you have more bags ready for collection occasionally, that's totally cool with us.

On our homepage you will find an overview of all collection dates under the menu item " Disposal calendar ".
You can easily download the calendar as a PDF.

The contents of your sacks are separated by employees of the Bürgerspital Basel at Anton Saxer in Pratteln. These are people with physical disabilities, for whom we enable an employment perspective through the cooperation. We are very happy about the cooperation!
We forward the sorted recycling materials to Swiss recycling companies for reuse.

The bags for collection should be placed noticeable within the garden, beneath the letterbox, in the driveway, or in a comparable location.

Our catchment area refers to Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, and Zurich City. You can find individual quarters and regions in our " disposal calendar ".

If you need a supply of collection bags, please let us know by using our stickers, which you can attach to your collection bag ready for pick-up. If you don't have any stickers left, contact us here.

We recycle these valuable materials

Batteries & rechargeable batteries
PET bottles
Plastic bottles
Plastic packaging
Tin & steel sheet
Electrical appliances
Ink cartridges & toner
Foils of all kinds
Styrofoam (EPS)
Beverage cartons
Coffee capsules
Clothes & shoes

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Am very satisfied with the service!

Remo Uherek

3 weeks ago


Eco House Recycling TOP! If you want to optimize your waste management at home, then I strongly recommend Eco House Recycling.

Simple, uncomplicated and reliable!

Ismet Abrazi

2 months ago


VERY competent. From the consultation to collection, a TOP SERVICE! Environmentally friendly and sensible.

Mirkan Akarsel

6 months ago


Highly recommended! Simply TOP! Service very good and competent. Eco-friendly and great idea. Value for money is also great. Thank you!

Giovanna Stramandino

2 months ago


Very friendly customer service, everything was always picked up without any problems and new bags delivered - highly recommended.

Noëlle Fricker

2 weeks ago

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